Join the Founders Crew at Europe’s largest campus for human growth, innovation and sustainable development






We have worked with more than 150 early-stage and scale-up stage ventures.
We know how hard is the path to greatness is.
B Living's community and ecosystem are unparalleled in Switzerland.

We believe that together we can create innovation that radically moves things

The ecosystem

Where Corporate Innovators and world-changing organizations come together with startups.

If you want to go fast go alone.
If you want to go far go together.
If you want to Breakthrough, B living.

What we believe in.

Badass Founders

Get your Impact, Founder or Startup Program.
We are accepting the first batch of innovator residents.

Impact program

The Impact Program is a 6 months program for resident startups to enable world-changing companies to grow thanks to our invincible team and community.

Founder program

Get a full-time desk, access to a unique community-based ecosystem, and surround yourself with the best entrepreneurs and resources. 2 hours free meeting room per month. 20% discount on extra meeting rooms.

Startup program

Startup-ready unique spaces for a team from 3 to 50. Accessible every day with private access key; be immersed in the biggest club of transformational startups founders in Europe.

It’s a
22,000 sqm

We are on our way to extraplanetary colonization onboard of Octagon, a 3-building starship where nature and technology integrate and where you can find everything you need to Live, Play and Grow. It has bridges, rooms, gardens, restaurants, portals and a cinema.

Explore the Campus

Going to Mars?
We are accepting
the first batch of entrepreneurs

We are looking for high potential and exceptional founders and teams that will breakthrough. Be Bold.

Join Breakthrough Incubator

Startups & Founders

Next-gen founders on board of Octagon, Planet Earth-lovers on their way to Mars.

The Crew and the Mentors

To build, co-create, and innovate with large scale institutions who need the help of innovators to make a difference, change their businesses and invest into the future.

Connect with corporations, family offices & NGOs

We invest in radical founders and breakthrough technologies building the future now.

Is this you?


Solar Punks daily gatherings & meetups

From AI to Blockchain to Big Data, frontier Tech for a sustainable future is our focus.
We work with thought leaders, builders and, futurists to engage in an evergreen conversation.

Lifelong learners Breakthrough Series

Hear the stories of the most radical founders, learn from from world-class experts from scaling your venture to hack your health and and increase lifespan. We are going to Mars

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Ecosystem Partners

To be announced soon...

Located in Le Grand Saconnex Geneva, Octagon is set to become a landmark campus of the International Geneva Ecosystem: at the intersection of the UN community, the Arc Lemanique, and Geneva Airport.

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