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Where lifelong personal growth intersects with professional objectives, where startups, international Geneva and innovative enterprise come together to build a new and more sustainable future.

Sal Matteis | Co-founder & Chairman, B living


The Octagon Campus, formerly the headquarters of the Dupont de Nemours offices, is located near the Geneva International Airport. It is ideally positioned, allowing companies and organizations to quickly access by shuttle to the various terminals in a few minutes.

The location of Octagon near the highway and the Ferney road also favors easy access to the various strategic points of French-speaking Switzerland and the center of Geneva. A bus line connects it to the city of Calvin in a few minutes by easy use of public transport.

The Atrium

Octagon is made up of three buildings joined together with an octagonal architecture. The central building offers an iconic atrium whose glass roof majestically overlooks the entire height of the building.

Collaborative common spaces and the coffee corner gives this magnificent volume a friendly and dynamic aspect.

The Atrium is the central point of the new ecosystem, the richness and synergies of which will develop a stimulating work atmosphere. It also serves meeting and relaxation areas as well as a large conference room.

Restaurant & Coffee

You can enjoy the restaurant and coffee corner around the Genecand catering concept.

Enjoy the large buffet of vegetables and hot dishes made with seasonal and homemade products. Genecand makes sure to always offer an assortment of vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free dishes. An ideal formula for healthy eating in less than 45 minutes.

Genecand also offers meats bought and selected exclusively in the canton of Geneva. Entrecôtes, beef steaks, lamb chops, tartars and much more is available. A la carte option is ideal for eating a piece of quality meat with friends and colleagues in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Offices & Open Spaces

The three buildings are distributed vertically in R + 3, R + 4 and R + 5, and offer vast platforms of approximately 1,200 m2 each.

The union of the three buildings and the octagonal shape of the surfaces makes it possible to offer great flexibility of the surfaces, with connected offices ready to be used as private offices or in open space.

Octagon is able to adapt to the requirements of Covid-19 and guarantee comfort and safety with individual or collective cells, thus meeting the most successful health requirements.

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Meeting Rooms & Auditorium

Book the Auditorium and other conference and meeting rooms for your corporate events, seminars or press conferences.

Flexibility and adaptability are key terms at Octagon. Indeed, our meeting spaces can accommodate between 5 and 110 participants, and are fully equiped with videoconferencing technology to simplify your communications. You can also arrange the space as needed for your presentations, interviews or meetings with your clients.

Fitness & Wellbeing

The Octagon vision: fitness and wellbeing go hand in hand.

Conceived and designed by the founders of the project, the Octagon fitness aims to offer its members a complete health and fitness experience. There will be several fully equipped gyms dedicated to multimodal practices, such as cardio and yoga.

Much more than a traditional gym, fitness is part of the progressive perspective of the Octagon campus, aiming to create spaces adapted to contemporary lifestyles.

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